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These are some comments from models that I have worked with in the past, I would like to thank them all for providing these comments.

"My first shoot was with Kevin, and I went into it completely blind and clueless. Kevin quickly got me into the swing of things and made me feel totally comfortable and confident. He knows how to highlight your best features and he makes you feel good about yourself as you are doing the shoot. Not only is he great during the shoot, but he is great after it. Since the shoot we have been in contact about future work and the work we did. I would work with him again in a second and I would recommend anyone to do the same." ~ Jeff C. - New York

"Kevin is a very professional photographer, and working with him was a pleasant experience. He is a hardworking yet friendly guy, and I was extremely pleased with the quality of the images we ended up getting." ~ Brian Whitacre - Virginia ~

"I met Kevin at a Model Universe competition in Miami. At the media meeting there were many photographers from the whole country. Kevin stopped by and without any hesitation asked me to do a photo shoot with him. I was not very sure at the time, because I didn't know anything about him, but now I can tell that I made a good decision. His pictures and attitude were very professional. The images I have from him are still some of my most favorite in my portfolio. good luck Kevin." ~ Matus Valent - California ~

"Kevin is just the man, there is no other way of putting it. We have done several TFP shoots now, how many Kevin? Four I think? Not only are his pictures outstanding at a professional and artistic level that has gotten better everytime; his personality and his company make every shoot comfortable and relaxed. Kevin Calen is a great guy, a great teacher, and a brilliant photographer. It has been a joy to work with him and know him the past few years ... give this guy a call!!" ~ Mike Stagliano - California ~ Mike's Bachelor Pad profile

"Kevin is the reason why I'm in the modeling business today, so when I heard he requested a shoot with me I gladly accepted. The shoot was held in my agent's apartment so I was a little sketchy about how it was going to turn out, but Kevin made it happen. I've been around some photographers before that can make you very uncomfortable but Kevin was professional and very nice to me the entire time. He had some great ideas for the pictures, and he also had an open ear to some of my ideas as well. After the shoot I was excited to see how the pictures came out. When they were sent to me I was extremely pleased, they are by far my favorite pictures that I have gotten so far. Working with Kevin has been a tremendous success for me and I definitely plan to work with him again in the future." ~ Evan W. - New Jersey ~ Evan's - Modeling page

"I've worked with Kevin for a couple of years now, and it has always been a good experience for me. Kevin is a professional who makes his models feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease. I am always confident that my photo shoots with Kevin will produce excellent quality shots." ~ Jermichael Pratt - Michigan ~ Jermichael's website

"Working with Kevin was one of the best modeling experiences I have had. He really makes an effort to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera. He clearly explains his vision for the shoot and is interested in your input as well. He was very prompt and his work was quality. At the end of the shoot, not only did I have some amazing photos, but I had also learned a lot and felt I had made a friend in the business. I would work with Kevin again, in a second." ~ PJ - North Carolina ~ PJ's imdb profile

"When Kevin first approached me about a photoshoot I was apprehensive, but agreed to do it. The more I talked with Kevin, the more comfortable I became. He was very professional and knowledgable about the business. At the time I was only 17 and my mother played an important part in my career. Kevin was more than happy to include her in everything, even the photoshoot! That impressed me! Kevin has a special way of catching the essence of your personality in his pictures. I've worked with Kevin twice and am looking forward to working with him again." ~ Corelle S. - West Virginia

ďMy photoshoot with Kevin could not have gone any more perfect in the smallest detail. I was skeptical at first unsure of any expectations that would be had of me - but Kevin was not hesitant in the least to kindly and friendly give me pointers and advice as we progressed. It is common knowledge that there would be 'creepy' to say the least photographers out there - after having worked with Kevin I couldn't imagine any other person, as a photographer as well as person, having a more pure heart and passion for what he does. In fact a few weeks after our shoot he drove for over an hour to my house just to grab a coffee and chat. I look forward to working with Kevin again as soon as possible. I now also see modeling not so farfetched in my future. All thanks to Kevin. Thanks again bro!!" ~ Micah - Michigan.

"Thanks for the great pic's Kevin. Everyone loves them, I am going to use some of them for my book for sure. We have to shoot again sometime, Thanks, youíre the best." ~ Stephen D. - New York, New York. ~ Stephen's modeling page

"Kevin was great to work with. His style made it so that I was real comfortable throughout the entire shoot and I was able to take a lot of advice away from it as well. He was very easy to work with and the photos that came out of it were awesome. It was a very successful shoot and I look forward to working with Kevin again. If you have a chance to work with this guy, jump on the opportunity." ~ Kevin Gould - Wilmington, North Carolina. ~ Kevin's imdb page

"I had a great time working with Kevin! This was my first modeling shoot and believe me he was very patient with me. Kevin coached me through the whole shoot and he made it a very easy and laid back environment to work in. Kevin is a great person to work with no matter if this is your first or tenth time doing a shoot he is one of the best people for the job, if you ever get the pleasure to work with him it is definitely an opportunity you do not want to pass up." ~ Brandon T. - Detroit.

"Kevin's talent as a photographer is only surpassed by his niceness as a human being. Working with him was a pleasure and a delight. His easygoing laid back manner made the shoot a blast and I would highly recommend shooting with him to anyone looking to expand their portfolio. With Kevin you will get an array of quality images that any model should want. If you are hesitating about working with Kevin do not. He is friendly, honest, very positive, and produces grade A photos. Kevin you rock!" ~ Anthony C. - New York.

"Wow, I just received a few of my pics from yesterday, and they look awesome. This was my first shoot, but Kevin made it easy for me. Photography is definitely an art, and Kevin has mastered it. I would recommend him to anyone." ~ Jimmy C. - Akron, Ohio.

"Kevin is the reason Iím so interested in becoming a full time model today, when he asked to have a shoot with me, I didn't even think about it and happily agreed. The shoot was in my own personal gym and also had a nice setup for some portrait shoots. I was very nervous of how they would turn out, (since it was my first real modeling shoot), but with the way he made me feel comfortable and the knowledge and experience he had, led me to be confident and comfortable in front of the camera and we came up with some great idea's and shots. Now that I have gotten the picture's back, I'm proud to say I would recommend his work to anyone!! The shots were more than I could have imagined. He is truly an artist at his work. Thanks again Kevin, definitely can't wait to work with you again!!" ~ Derrick A. - North Carolina

"I was extremely pleased to say the least. Kevin is truly a professional grade photographer. I have done one shoot with him, and was every bit of pleased with the turnout. He was very positive and made the photo shoot feel completely natural in every setting. I would recommend him to everyone who is interested in seeing just how good they can really look! I owe it all to him for getting noticed by numerous agencies in the fitness and bodybuilding industry. I look forward to working with him again very soon!" ~ Matthew R. - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Before my first photo shoot with Kevin I was nervous. I have never done something like this, but Kevin was very professional and made me feel comfortable and confident. He suggests poses and was always open to my opinion about poses and props for the next shot. I have had 3 photo shoots with Kevin since I met him and look forward to the next time." ~ Aaron N. - Michigan

"Kevin created a really comfortable atmosphere for me and worked very professionally. He went out of his way to shoot with me and made me feel like I had been modeling forever, when I haven't. Thanks a bunch, highly recommended!!" ~ Ben M. - Ohio

"Kevin and I both had something in common, he was interested in diversifying his photo portfolio and I was, as well. I received a huge return from his efforts - the photos Kevin took are some of my very favorites! I really appreciated his "laid-back ", but professional approach. He was willing to change locations, from one part of the city to another, and work with me until he felt he had the right shot. Thanks Kevin!" ~ Sterling P. - Tennessee

"Kevin is very professional, friendly, and has a strong knowledge of what he does. When I was working with him, I noted that he was very easy to get along with, open to my ideas, and he didn't pressure me to do anything that I was uncomfortable with. The shots I took with him are truly some of the best shots I've had with any photographer." ~ Nick W. - Virginia

Jack starts off with:
"I hope itís not too long... if it is just give it its own page and call it the trip that changed Jack's life.

I was in Lansing one night after a long road trip and the plan was to stay in one of my friends apartments out there, but he wasn't there. So I was sleeping in the hallway of his apartment complex haha. I was trying to get out of there as fast as I could so I called up Kevin to see if we could do a photoshoot ASAP in the morning (I knew Kevin because we were supposed to have a photoshoot earlier in the year but our schedules conflicted and we couldn't do it) Kevin is all for it! He says ok how does 9 a.m. sound? I say great, see you then!

So then the security guard that patrols the complex came and told me I had to go because my friend wasn't going to come home.... I frantically go through my phonebook and call everyone remotely close to Lansing, nobody is around. So I call Kevin, it is midnight now, and I ask him if he can do me a huge favor and let me crash on his couch. He was reluctant but then he came and picked me up from the curb I was sitting on.

That night we went over my model release form and he let me make any change or stipulation I wanted to put on it. So I slept on the couchÖ The next morning we did the photoshoot and it went smooth and amazing! He made me feel totally 100% comfortable. At one point we blasted some music which was really fun too. The pictures came out amazing!

Also just to show you what a nice guy Kevin is, my ride that was supposed to pick me up after the shoot couldn't come because he had car problems so Kevin drove me an hour and a half home! Kevin is a genuinely nice guy and a great photographer! Thank you very very much for doing the photoshoot Kevin! You're the man! "
~ Jack C. - Michigan.

"Kevin Calen is a great photographer. He is very easy to work with and is very open to locations! For instance... I made him climb all the way down a steep valley into a gorge with waterfalls, ledges, and a large creek! haha sorry Kevin!!!" ~ Nick M. - Pennsylvania
(It was a fun hike.)

I appreciate all of the models that took the time to write their comments down for inclusion on this page. I am humbled by their kind words and support. It was truly my honor to work with these outstanding people.

Additional references available for prospective models wishing more information. If you like my work and are interested in contacting me about a project, send e-mail to: